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1rst Contemporary Pastry and Bakery Master


Culinary Art School has partnered with Spain’s EPGB (a school specializing in training professional pastry chefs) in order to offer the First Contemporary Pastry and Bakery Master, aimed at industry professionals and graduates of culinary institutions who are looking to perfect their techniques and keep up to date with pastry trends. It is designed as a 10 day fully hands on workshop. Instructors were selected based on their professional level, innovative design of their technique and industry trends. Rounding up the workshop there will be 1 Master Class presented by internationally renowned instructors. All workshop classes will be in English (with simultaneous interpretation). Additional clases will be performed by a Chocolate world champion (1 Master class and 1 Workshop) Cost not included in the 10 Day course.

About EPGB

The content of our teaching curriculum is based on the craft of high quality pastry making. We focus on teaching our students to work with the best raw materials and natural products, avoiding substitutes and work methods based on industrialized, semi-prepared products.

However, we strive to keep up with current creations and innovations in the pastry world, improving our curriculum by incorporating timely materials.

About Culinary

Culinary Art School is the first institution of its kind in Mexico’s northwest, focusing in the comprehensive formation of Culinary Arts and Hospitality professionals, committed to their community, region and surroundings. It opened in 2003 in the city of Tijuana, a strategic point being right by the US border, very close to San Diego, Los Angeles and wine valley in Ensenada.

Our teaching is based on the Modular System by Specialized Immersion Competences, which favors the development of abilities and skills, along with the formation of organizational habits in our students through a high yielding comprehensive educational formation process, based on hands on workshops with at least 70% practical content.

About our Chefs

Leticia Otamendi

Pastry chef at the 2011 Chef Series held at Oklahoma State University. She represented the Mexican delegation to promote Mexican products in Tokyo in November of 2012. Xocolata 2014 Master by the Barcelona Guild’s Pastry School. She participated as an instructor in the IX and X edition of the Xocolata Master in 2015 and 2016, teaching Restauration Desserts at the EPGB. She is the coordinator and designer of the Innovation and Creativity in Pastry Specialty at the Culinary Art School.

Yun Eunyoung

Yun heads the successful Garuharu in Seoul. He was able to make a humble Pâte choux éclair the star of his establishment. In addition to éclairs, he also carries a line of Petits Gâteaux and entremets of standout delicacy, flavors, colors and elegance, which have turned him into the best representative of Korean pastry. Nowadays Korea has become a trendsetter in pastry making with culinary magazines like Sogood writing about this outstanding chef.

David Gil and Joanna Artieda

David Gil is head of sweet offerings at ElBarri Group, that is, the restaurants of Albert Adriá, from the Ticket Bar to Bodega 1900, including the new and exclusive Enigma or the interesting proposals of Heart in Ibiza, among many others. This young pastry chef has won the Lluis Santapau Trophy as Spain’s Best Chocolatier placing him as one of the leading culinary references in the world. David Gil’s work can be summarized as technique, imagination and exceptional cutting edge sweet offerings.

Joanna Artieda is a promising young pastry chef winner of Spain’s Best Chef in 2016 and 2017. She worked at Heart in Ibiza and is now teaching at the prestigious Hoffman cooking school in Barcelona.

Olivier Fernandez

He studied at the Barcelona Guild’s Pastry School (EPGB) and eventually became its Director. He spent a good portion of his professional career as head of the pastry at different establishments in the Catalonian capital, such as Bonastre, Juan Carlos I Hotel and Gran Hotel La Florida. Under his direction, the EPGB has become the benchmark school in Spain with a growing international prestige. He is an advising member the Culinary Institute of America (CIA).

Saray Ruiz

A graduate of the EPGB as best student, best showcase, best graduate thesis. She teaches at the EPGB since 2014. She promotes the school internationally through her workshops and master classes. Her specialties are chocolate sculptures, Petits Gateaux, Petits Fours and Bombons (chocolate).

Jose Romero

An instructor at EPGB, he has won several Panettone competitions (Italian preparation) and is the author of the book Ideas y Recetas entre la cocina y la Pastelería. He takes what is most interesting from them and paves a new way. There are many names we could give to this segment of gastronomic creativity presented in his book: tapas, appetizers, savory pastry pieces, snacks, catering.

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