Entremet Masterclass

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Entremet Masterclass


About this course

Frank Haasnoot, a creative pastry maker with an experience that spans almost a quarter of a century, will teach you the most innovative pastry techniques that will produce valuable and delicious pieces that are full of texture.

Frank concentrates experience, professionalism, passion and commitment, along with his techniques and suggestions about unique textures and flavors, while executing them with sophistication. He will convey how he perceives current pastry and bakery.


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Can I just enroll in a single course? I'm not interested in the entire Specialization?

Yes you can take this course by itself as it is an additional Class, meaning it is not a module of the CPBMaster’s 10 day program.

We have another 2 Addittional Classes: Yun Eunyoung’s Eclairs Masterclass (included in the 10 day program) and Frank Haasnoot’s Chocolate Decorations Workshop.

What background knowledge is necessary?

For our 10 day program you must be an intermediate level pastry chef.

For our additional classes a basic-intemediate level is recomended to take full advantage of the class.

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